Michael installed his first antenna in 1971 while working for Sears. He started his own business in 1973 and incorporated in 1979. Since that time ASI has installed 8000 antennas and thousands of miles of coaxial cable. Cable from RG-59 up to .750 hardline. Antennas from UHF/VHF for the home up to seven meter satellite antennas.

MER Enterprises, the first business, was licensed by both the city and the county.

In 1973 there was not a requirement, or a category for a Certificate of Competency in the low voltage field. This changed in 1977, and Michael still holds that certificate. 78-CCTV-79 along with the City of Plantation certificate 112120, Broward County 181-0002469 1001 4, and State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Speciality Electrical Contractor ET 0000145.

Michael also carries an SBCA level Three certification along with certification from specific satellite network operators (Spacenet, Hughes etc).

Antenna Services operated out of a storefront on East Prospect Road for just under twenty years.

Servicing antennas, antenna systems, CCTV systems and completing school board projects.

Several employees and a very good partner. The partner married, became a father and wanted out of South Florida before his daughter started school, so with his wife’s transfer he moved to South Carolina. The store front was closed and the business was downsized..

And that is where it is now.

Michael along with his good friend Tony of Nationwide Communications Corporation are the last of the old school antenna experts remaining.



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