First, in South Florida, buy it from me! Second, there is no such thing as a digital television antenna! All UHF/VHF antennas will receive (pick up) digital (8VSB) transmissions. That old antenna in the attic or outside that has not been connected for many years will probably work. It may need to be replaced, and I do not recommend placing your antenna in the attic, but it will pick up most channels.

In South Florida you do not need a big antenna. I get calls weekly from people who want the biggest antenna I have. Then I find out that they live 11 miles from the transmitters. The correct antenna, installed in the proper location , with the correct origination is what is required.

In February 2009, we installed a very small Winegard antenna on the new Sandler Pavilion at the Boca Raton Community Hospital and provide fifty (50) digital channels to fifty (50) TV sets. This was done with one very small antenna.

I should say 51 channels since 6.3 (NBC-6) has come on the air since the installation was completed.

I am serious about buying from me! Besides getting the correct antenna for your location, you get a thirty foot (30') RG-6 SC (with ground) cable with a gel-filled, O-ringed F connector filled with a TEFLON based dialectic compound and a weather boot connected to the antenna. You also will receive installation, wiring, & grounding suggestions. I have in stock installation materials and hardware for almost every installation possibility.

You will not find any antenna I sell on line for less money, let alone any of the extras. I know. I check on a regular basis.

If you do not live in South Florida look for a local company. There are still a few people around who can provide the services I offer in your area.


Michael E. Ryan


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