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Bracket Pricing 09/01/2015

Unit Price

  • ASI-1-C   $14.62
  • ASI-1-S   $08.46
  • ASI-2-C   $17.00
  • ASI-2-S   $10.71

FINISH: Please note that the units were cut with a laser which has an inherent problem with finish adhesion on cut edges. If you are installing the units in a corrosive environment it is suggested that they be touched up as/if needed with a product such as Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer and a primer.

Brackets were made in the US.

*ASI 1 C & ASI 1 S are sold in pairs. Standard packaging.

Ordering Procedure
  • ASI 1 C & ASI 1 S
  • ASI 2 C & ASI 2 S
ASI 1 mounts on vertical surface

ASI 2 mounts on a non-vertical surface, slanted fascia board.

-C denotes completely up-graded hardware. Unit comes with all required hardware and U bolts to completely assemble and secure the unit to the most mounting surfaces.

-S denotes standard non-up-graded hardware. Units come only with the hardware (nuts & bolts) to assemble unit. No mounting hardware or U bolts.

Price is plus freight and Florida sales tax as applicable.

Orders and questions should be sent: bracketinfo@antennaservicesinc.com.

You will receive a return email with your total cost including freight and sales tax if you are in the State of Florida. You can then make your payment via PayPal at www.antennaservicesinc.com

Orders will ship within 72 hours.

You can also pay by personal or business check. Check payment orders will ship within 72 hours of check clearance.



Standard method is FedEx One Rate.

Please see the Product Information sheet.

Units were manufactured in the US.


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